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Hemp Material Baby Wet Wipes
Product Description Baby wet wipes made of hemp material spunlace nonwoven has excellent corrosion resistance. The water resistance of hemp fiber is superior, and it is not easy to be eroded by water and rotted and rotted. Name: Hemp material baby wet wip
Organic Cotton Baby Wet Wipes
Product Description Baby wet wipes made of organic cotton spunlace nonwoven fabric with a shiny, soft, anti elasticity, excellent drape, wear resistance; unique antibacterial, deodorant properties; relieve allergy symptoms, reduce the normal fabric caused
Spunlace Nonwoven Baby Wet Wipes
Product Description Name: Spunlace nonwoven baby wet wipes 1.Raw material: spunlace nonwoven 2. Alcohol free, no harm to baby skin 3.Soft and super thick 4.Wipes are strong, yet soft 5.Convenient when outdoor 6.Environment friendly We have good experience
Polyester Viscose Baby Wet Wipes
Product Description Polyester viscose baby wet wipes is made of viscose mixed spunlace nonwoven, the component can be 20%viscose/80%polyester, 30%viscose/70%polyester, 40%viscose/60%polyester, 50%viscose/50%polyester, 60%viscose/40%polyester, 70%viscose/3
Bamboo Fiber Baby Wet Wipes
Product Description The most important component of baby wipes is spunlace non-woven fabrics. Spunlace nonwovens fabrics do not need spinning and weaving. They are made directly by means of physical methods (mechanical, thermal sticky) or chemical methods
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